Collected Stories. Collecting Memory

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Arrival of speakers and invited guests in Zbąszyń, accommodation: Hotel "Podzamcze", ul. Garczyńskich 5a, Zbąszyń




Welcome and registration of speakers, guests and conference participants at the Museum of Zbąszyń Land and the Kozioł Region


Transfer by bus to the Railway Station in Zbąszyń, visit to the temporary exhibition 1938 Expelled / Received - curator's tour; historical walk in the footsteps of deported Jews around Zbąszyń, return to the Museum. (The exhibition 1938 Expelled / Received covers the history of Polenaktion 1938 - the events from 85 years ago, of which the station building was a silent witness. The exhibition is co-financed by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region)

11.45–12.00 Coffee break


Speeches by invited speakers and discussion on COLLECTED STORIES
Conducted by: Prof. UAM dr hab. Izabela Skórzyńska

  • Prof. UAM dr hab. PhD Maciej Michalski

    Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Collected histories of Jewish students at the University of Poznań

  • Klaudia Kimel, Celina Barszczewska, Agnieszka Zawisza

    Doctoral School of Humanities, Adam Mickiewicz University

    Excerpts from research on anti-Semitism at the University of Poznań and in the City of Poznań

  • Ewa Spławska
Rudolf Mosse Foundation in Grodzisk Wielkopolski

    Concerning the legal aspects of Jewish refugees in Zbąszyń 1938-1939

14.00–15.00 Lunch


  • Author's workshops by dr Michał Kierzkowski

    Oral History SCHOOL *

    *The Oral History method is no stranger to teachers, but at the same time, in order to fulfill the expectations of effective work with witnesses of history, it requires awareness of its methodology and experience of working with its use in a creative, effective, but also attractive communicative and cognitive way, so as to include it in your own teaching workshop and share it with students. This is the purpose of this Oral History SCHOOL workshop.


Theater performance commemorating the events of „Polenaktion” 1938, produced by  school students from Zbąszyń (Zbąszyński Cultural Center Hall, ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 12)




Speeches and discussion on MEMORY COLLECTION

Conducted by: Jakub K. Sawicki (Center for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin)

  • Aubrey Pomerance

    Director of the archives of the Jewish Museum in Berlin

    Objects of Memory. The Handkerchiefs of Zbąszyń

  • Michał Arkusiński

    Author of historical comics, graphic designer, illustrator, educator (Łódź)
    Methodology of working on a historical comic book

  • Damian Amon Rączka

    Vice-president of the Old Fordon Lovers Association, activist, social worker, member of the Dialogue Forum Network (Bydgoszcz)

    Bydgoszcz Fordon, or education with memory

  • Anita Rucioch-Gołek (director of the Arkady Fiedler Primary School in Zbąszyń, local activist, member of the Forum for Dialogue Network (Zbąszyń), Wojciech Olejniczak (head of the Museum of the Zbąszyń Land and the Kozioł Region, president of the TRES Foundation, member of the Forum for Dialogue Network (Zbąszyń)
    Polenaktion memory history 1938-2023

11.00–11.30 Coffee break


  • Jakub K. Sawicki 
    Center for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin
    Europe. Our History. Europe – unsere Geschichte. The second transnational textbook for teaching in the European Union

  • Author's workshop by Prof. UAM dr hab. Izabela Skórzyńska
    Orature SCHOOL*

    *The return of the art of storytelling as a teaching practice is the result of a number of rearrangements that have taken place in the social sciences and humanities in the last half-century under the common denominator of the new humanities, including engaged and performative humanities. Thanks to them, the art of storytelling has been enriched with 'new'/'old' ways of researching and telling stories, such as oral history, storytelling or performative reading, and the educators' attention has included the stories of people and social groups previously excluded or marginalized, including, among others, women, children, refugees and seniors. Teaching also changed in the same direction, rediscovering the value of stories in learning about the world of history and literature, both by teachers and their students. The Orature SCHOOL workshop is practical and serves precisely this purpose.

13.45–14.45 Lunch




Exhibition of historical comics drawn by Michał Arkusiński: Edelman, Moritz Goldschmidt (Museum)


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