Intercultural and Theater Workshops

Intercultural communication workshop 
A group of school youth from Zbąszyń participated in intercultural workshops. We met at the old station in Zbąszyń, a silent witness to the deportations of 1938. The exhibition "1938 Expelled / Recieved" was the background for a discussion with young people about diversity, tolerance and empathy. The art part of the workshops involved working together on a poster for a play on which a theater group was working in parallel. We chose a graphic technique associated with street art - stencil and spray. As a result of heated discussions, persuasion, argumentation and acceptance, several posters were created that will be on display at the premiere.

Theater workshops
Under the supervision of professional actor Janusz Andrzejewski, young people work on a play based on the lists of deportees. For young people, it is an opportunity to learn about the behind-the-scenes of working on a role - voice emission and stage movement. We will be able to see the effects of our work soon - during the Open Arms Days.

Warsztaty międzykulturowe i plastyczne

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