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Kazimiera Niezielińska

Catalogue number: TRES_1938_sr_006

We’ve also had one family, she was a pharmacist and they had a six years old daughter. And that daughter, she could not speak Polish, she didn’t understand Polish at all but the mother spoke Polish really fluently. And he did not. [Surname] I told it, I told it yesterday. Maybe I will recall. Elisabeth. Elżbieta. Stein? Steinboden? It could have been “Bodenstein”. He did not say [which city they were from]. Only after sometime the Jews could travel to Germany, perhaps our government took care of that here, and they travelled to sort out their businesses. And he went as well, to close down everything of his, that he could, and he brought a handkerchief as a souvenir for me. Sister got one and so did I. And that handkerchief… there came a time that I had to cry ceaselessly. Because it was war. That handkerchief would be wet with tears. But I laid it down and in 5 minutes it would be dry again. Although it had been so wet with those tears that you could squeeze it. I lost it after the war. After the war I lost somewhere. Perhaps I lost it somewhere when I was at my sister’s. Neither did I look for it, nor did I regret. At least you will not cry anymore…

Nagrano w Zbąszyniu 21 XII 20111 roku.

Collection: Fundacja TRES